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Name-day: Biny, Damazego and Waldemara
Wednesday, 11 December 2019
Technical Infrastructure

Sources of energy 

PEC plc is the main energy provider in the town. Generally, in the town more than 350 local boiler houses are active. The biggest ones operated by PEC are:

  • Central boiler house C-3 - power of 98,0 MW
  • Estate boiler house C-1 - power of 15.2 MW
  • Boiler House C-4 - power of 5.2 MW
  • Apart from these, the PEC runs 40 boiler houses of the total power of 7,782 MW

The total length of the heating network - about 49 km., of which 29.3 km managed by PEC. For many years now, the Borough of Wałbrzych has been introducing changes to the traditional heating systems, turning them into more environmentally friendly ones.

Gas supply

  • The gas-supply network in Wałbrzych (total length: 283.2 km.) is managed by Gas Works.
  • The gas is delivered by means of a low and medium pressure network.
  • There are 24 reduction and measurement stations of 2nd degree and 3 of 1st degree.

Water supply

  • Wałbrzych is supplied in water from deep intakes located in Marciszów Dolny and Górny, Gorzeszów and Unisław Śląski.
  • Total length of plumbing – 212,7km.
  • Level of access to network - 99%
  • Annual consumption – 5,76 million cubic metres
  • Plumbing efficiency (for the entire enterprise) - 81 thousand cubic metres per day

Sanitary sewage system

  • Total length of network - 150 km.
  • Number of sewage treatment plants - 3
  • Sewage treatment plants efficiency – 54.400 cubic metres/day
  • Plumbing is managed by Wałbrzyskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o.

Storm water drainage

  • Total length of network - about 163 kilometres, on which are situated about 6000 inspection chambers.
  • About 70% of the network was built before 1945.
  • The drainage is maintained by Board of Roads and Transportation.

Landfill sites

  • Municipal landfill at Beethovena Street,
  • Industrial landfill at Górnicza Street,
  • Municipal landfil at Stacyjna Street - in reclamation,
  • Municipal rubble site at Świdnicka street - in reclamation.


Public transport services within town boundaries are provided by Miejskie Przedsiębiorswo Komunikacyjne (MPK) Ltd., DLA Ltd. and several private operators - within town boundaries and on lines connecting Wałbrzych with suburban areas.

Long-distance transport and haulage is provided by PPKS, PKP, as well as by private operators.

Municipal infrastructural investments

The Borough of Wałbrzych is carrying out infrastructural investments for the benefit of the town population and also in order to improve investment conditions in the town. Wałbrzych is one of the boroughs in Poland, which carry out their investments with the support of two largest European pre-accession programmes - Phare and ISPA. The Town Council also develops projects for the European Union Structural Funds.

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